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The Olivia Crossbody Bag


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Beautiful and Simple Granny Stitch Crossbody purse Pattern

Granny Squares are the big fashion trend now. You see them everywhere from the local department stores to the fashion runway. Who would have ever thought that this simple stitch pattern that is so familiar with most crocheters would become so popular? But crochet is a technique that cannot be made by machine – if it is real crochet, it will be done by hand and there is nothing that can beat a hand designed and hand made crocheted item.

The past 2 years of everyone quarantining caused a lot of people to look for things to do to get their minds off of the negative and ever-changing topic of the day. One of those things a whole lot of people chose to do was to learn how to crochet and many started creating things with the granny stitch. It has become the perfect mantra of escapism!

It’s a simple stitch that can be made into something of great beauty, whether one chooses to make tiny squares into a toddler’s sweater to giant squares for a blanket or straight stitches as we’ve chosen here with the Olivia Crossbody Bag. They all cause you good feelings while making this pattern and satisfaction with a taste of joy when done!


The Olivia Crossbody Bag is no exception! It is a simple yet lovely pattern that starts with 4 single crochet rowed flat base for the bottom, then worked in the round from the bottom, Up. This project is perfect for those left-over scraps of yarn you’ve been holding on to! Though the size of the bag remains the same, I’ve given you 3 options for the length of the strap but of course, you are free to get creative and do whatever you choose for a strap!

FREE PATTERN: Keep scrolling for the FREE version of the Olivia Crossbody Bag.

PRINTABLE PDF: Pick up the beautifully formatted, ad-free PDF version of the Olivia Crossbody Bag from Ravelry.

*Notes – Ch3 counts as a dc.              Granny Stitch – GS (3dc in same st)


Back Loop only- BLO

Chain – ch

Double Crochet – dc

Granny Stitch – GS

Half Double Crochet – hdc

Round – Rnd

Single Crochet – sc

Skip – sk

Slip Stitch – sl st Stitch(es) – st(s)


US/H 5 mm crochet hook

Medium weight #4 cotton yarn

Color A – Crafter’s Secret- Navy, #4 med cotton yarn (2 balls)

Color B – Peaches & Crème-Ocean Coral, #4 med cotton yarn

Color C – Lily Sugar n’ Cream-Orchid, #4 med cotton yarn

Color D – Crafter’s Secret- Purple, #4 med cotton yarn

Color E – Crafter’s Secret- Violet, #4 cotton yarn

Color F – Lily Sugar n’ Cream-Yellow, #4 cotton yarn

Yarn needle


Stitch Marker

Purse Bottom:

[Color A] – Ch 5.

Row 1:  Sc 2ND ch from hook.  Sc across, turn, ch 1. (4sc)

Row 2:  Sc 4, turn, ch1.

Rows 3-21: Repeat row 2.

Row 22: Sc in 3 st(s), 2 sc in last st.  (5sc)

Sc in 1st st on previous row, place a stitch marker there, sc evenly around, placing 2sc at each corner, ending at stitch marker. (53sc)


Rnd 1:  Sc BLO around to 1st st, sl st to join. (53sc)

Rnd 2: Ch 3, 2dc in 1st st, sk next 2 sts, (GS in next st, sk 2) around, sl st to join (with next color). (18 GS)

Rnd 3: [Color B] Ch 3, 2 dc in same st, sk (GS in next sp, sk GS) around, sl st to join with next color.

Rnds 4–17:  Repeat Rnd 3, working Colors C-F for each row, then A-F once more, and ending with colors A-D.                 

Rnd 18: [ Color A] Ch1, sc in each dc around, sl st to join.  Fasten off. Weave in any loose ends.


Leave a tail approx. 5” long to sew strap to purse.

For a child, ch 131 (approx. 27 ½” in length)

For a pre-teen, ch 201 (approx. 42 ½” in length)

For an adult, ch 231 (approx. 49” in length)

Sl st in 2nd ch from hook, and each ch across.

Then sl st at end and back on opposite side of ch across to beginning ch.  Cut, leaving enough to attach with a sl st and securely sew to purse. Sew opposite end to other end of purse.

Clasp and Button: To make a clasp, sl st about ¼“ Right from center of purse, ch 6, sl st ¼” Left from center, fasten off, weave in the end .  To make button, ch 7 , hdc in 2nd ch from hook and each ch down (see samples a & b). Cut and fasten off, leaving about 4” tail, insert needle through tail, roll piece from opposite end into a ball, then sew through ball, going back and forth until you have a firmly shaped ball for button (see sample c). Sew on purse, opposite side of clasp, double knot to secure in place.  Cut and weave in ends to finish.

PRINTABLE PDF: Pick up the beautifully formatted, ad-free PDF version of the Olivia Crossbody Bag from Ravelry.


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