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Organizing As Creators – Part II

How Does Your (Yarn) Garden Grow?

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I’ve been having a really slow go at organizing my craft area. I have made a little progress, as I’ve donated 3 large bags of yarn and have another already bagged up and ready to go. But I still have not decided exactly how I want to organize and though I have tried really hard to not randomly buy this year, my yarn garden has managed to somewhat grow.

There is a difference however. Now, I get these pattern ideas in my head but take it 1 step further than I used to… I now sketch that idea out on paper and sometimes, I even have a picture in my mind of who I would want this yarny idea to be modeled by. So, of course, I have to get the yarn!, Right? Well, right now, I have more pattern ideas than I have time to create! What’s a creative to do?!!

So, right now I have yarn stored in Baskets, on Shelves, in Bins and in store purchase bags where I still have the “new pattern ideas” that I have swimming around in my head! I’m thinking about utilizing this old teakwood looking chifferobe furniture piece that was given to me & my x way back when. I honestly never liked it so never really used it for anything specific and it has a couple broken shelves that need repair. Only problem is, I won’t be able to see my yarn which is something that I really want to be able to do.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I’m trying to make this organizational change on as little funds as possible! This is a Low Budget project but I don’t want it to look “cheap”, if you know what I mean!

As I try to come up with ideas, I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to leave a comment below!

In the meantime…

Happy Crocheting – Happy Organizing – Happy Creating!!!


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2 thoughts on “Organizing As Creators – Part II

  1. Melanie

    Have you posted a pic of the dresser you want to use?

    1. PNYC

      Hi Melanie! I have not but I’m thinking of painting it a different color. It’s a deep, dark brown currently. Maybe I’ll show a before and after. Actually plan on doing something with it in the next week or two! Thanks for Asking!

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