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Is It Even Possible To Be An Organized Crafter?


Welcome to my first blog! I think that I can assume that if this title caught your eye, you have this uncanny Love for Creating things, sometimes to the point of near obsession or maybe you create to sell and find it hard to finish that last row for the night! I too am a Creataholic or in my case, more specifically, a Crocheting Yarnaholic and find myself wanting to create something with every free moment that I have. Anyone familiar with “getting a few rows in while waiting at the doctor’s office or while commuting on public transit to and from work and during lunch break, creating rather than eating?

If anyone is like me, after completing something like a craft show I will make plans to “tidy up” the tornado wreaked havoc in my front room, and crafting room, and bedroom and . . . you get the picture! Well, like I said, I make plans but what actually happens is I start thinking about what I need to work on before I tidy up. You know the “alternative truth” we tell ourself… “I’ll work on this little project for 30 minutes, then I’ll do that other thingy”. This would not be so bad if it only happened occasionally, but it somehow can become a part of our everyday routine.

Well, I have decided that enough is enough and I have got to get myself together. By the way, the picture above is really my lovely yarn so – I think it’s unavoidable; Yes, I’m afraid this means that dreaded “O” word that a lot of Creative people struggle with and I can certainly include myself. I’ve got to get Organized. I know that there are neat, organized Creatives out there somewhere and I intend on becoming one of them (cringe #!*!!). At this point, I’m not exactly sure HOW or the best way to do this but if you want to go on this journey of Organizing with me, you are certainly welcomed to come along for the ride!

Here are some ideas that may be helpful to assist you in making a move on positively organizing: I think the 1st thing I will do is create a “To Do List” then, place those things on a calendar. I’ll check back later with my progress. Hey! I’m feeling better about this organizing thing already! If you’d like to share some of your own organizing processes that you use, feel free to comment below. After all, we creative crocheters and Creatives all together are kinda in this together!

“For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.”

– Anonymous.


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