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The Cool It Now Bucket Hat

Is it hot enough for you yet? Summer is barely here but in Georgia, you would think it’s been summer for a good month now. The sun is scorching and people are wearing less than they did a few months ago! Around this time, a lot of Crocheters put down their yarn and hook and resume their crocheting once the cool or cold weather starts again but I’m here to widen your horizons! There are plenty things you can make with yarn and a hook for the warm/hot season such as light, summer shawls, garments such as short-sleeve tops, loose opened vests, swimwear, coverups, and of course items such as wash cloths, dish cloths, bags, and even jewelry! You can even make a hat if you use the right kind of yarn that’s light-weight and airy! Here is one that I have for you – I call it the Cool It Now Bucket Hat because the way I made it, it’s not only a sun hat to protect you from the sun but it has openings all around to let the heat out and keep you cool. Plus, it reminds me of the hats kids wore back in the 80s during the days of L L Cool Jay and the beginning of hip hop music. Everything old is new again!

The Cool It Now Bucket Hat is just the perfect thing to grab when you have to be out in the sun for the kids’ summer sports events or to wear at the beach or the park or simply to run errands! It features single crochet stitches done in continuous spiral rounds with openings created just above the brim. I used Lionbrand Rewind Yarn Tape which makes this hat really light-weight and easy to simply toss in your purse, and be on your way. You can also use 2 strands of dk weight yarn and it will still be fairly cool! This pattern is a simple, sort of medatative, yet a really quick project that you will love! Once you make one, you’ll want to make more … It’s that “cool” ! Pick up the Cool It Now Bucket Hat pattern today. You’ll have fun making it as well as wearing it!

Cool It Now Bucket Hat
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Cool It Now Bucket Hat
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